Spiritual Economics
Learn How to Develop a Prosperous Attitude About Money, Health and Love

This is an 8 week course
Students may begin the first or only second week only
The cost for this course is $100 plus the cost of any books

The tuition fee INCLUDES registering credit with the Home Office or Centers for Spiritual Living

Focusing on prosperity issues, the student of this class will gain greater understanding of the basic metaphysical principles which govern our financial well-being. Participants will learn how to use these principles effectively in everyday life. This is a sensible, solution oriented class and is appropriate for the new or advanced student.
Course Outline:
Class 1:

Class 2:

Class 3:

Class 4:

Class 5:

Class 6:

Class 7:

Class 8:
Introduction and Course Overview
- What is Prosperity?

The Truth About Substance
- Your Fortune Begins With You

Your Relationship With God
- If you Can Believe
- The Grateful Heart

Work and the success Syndrome

How to Reverse Financial Adversity

Security in a Changing World
- The Money Enigma

Discover the Wonder of Giving
- A New Look at Tithing

A New World Vision
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