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Pastor Judy Andersen
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Pastor Valentine Owen

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Rev. Gail McEwen
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Rev. Teresa (Tress) Phillips

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Rev. Joanne Boruck
Rev. Judy Andersen
Rev. Valentine Owen
Rev. Gail McEwen
Rev. Teresa Phillips
Rev. Joanne Boruck
Juliette Simoneau-Moore, R.Sc.P.
Nikkea Kayler, R.Sc.P.
Janice Langdon, R.Sc.P.

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Board of Trustees

Tracey Walker – President
Gord Hemmelgarn – Vice President
Linda Smith – Secretary
Donna Handbury – Trustee
Janice Langdon – Trustee
Penny Turner – Trustee

The Band:
Rev. Joanne, Edith, Frances, Ruth and Shane
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We have many regular and special events for spiritual & personal growth and fun!

You can check out our events and RSVP on our
Meetup page.

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